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Aditya Birla Foundation -

Aditya Birla Group

Detailed Market Feasibility study for (300 beds) hospital at Poona.

JSW Steel Ltd.

Jindal Group

Consultancy and Advisory services for re-engineering the Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital [JSH] at Vidyanagar.

JSW Steel Ltd.

Jindal Group

Jindal Medical Institute - Hisar, Haryana. Pre-feasibility Report for Medical College.

JSW Steel Ltd.

Jindal Group

Jindal Iron and Steel Company Ltd. Washind, Maharashtra.-

The Feasibility plan including Market Research, Facility Planning, Equipment Planning, Manpower Planning, and Financial Feasibility.

M.P Birla Group

Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre: - Dr. K. C. Ojha : Served 28 years including 10 years as Finance Director at Bombay Hospital. Project implemented & commissioned – First tower of 200 beds Medical Research Centre [MRC –I]  & second tower of 200 beds  Medical Research Centre [MRC –II]  of Bombay Hospital.

Yash Birla Group

Biral International Hospital -  Detail project feasibility study & report for 200 beds hospital at Thane – Maharashtra

Kaushalya Medical Foundation Hospital, Thane

Market Research, Financial Feasibility, Facility Planning including Architect’s Brief, Equipment Planning, Manpower Planning, and Application for Financial Institution Loan Assistance.

Lilavati Hospital - Mumbai

A multi-speciality hospital at Bandra. (300 beds) Commissioning report with Financial Feasibility, Facility Planning including Equipment Planning, Manpower Planning and Marketing Strategy

Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.

1] Market Feasibility Study for a 300 beds Women Hospital in Mumbai

2] Developed Broad & Detailed Specifications for all kinds of Medical Equipments for their group of hospitals

3] Technical & Financial evaluation of medical equipment of an existing hospital at Bangalore

Emami Group – Kolkata

Advanced Medicare & Research Institute Ltd.- Kolkata:

1] Systems and Quality Analysis & Development of all medical, diagnostic, and support services and departments. Organisational Structure Analysis, Human Resource Productivity Analysis. Analysis and Development of Costing and Control Systems, Development of MIS and budgeting systems.

2] Rescoping of project report for setting up a new hospital

American International Group [AIG]

Medical statistics and other data analysis and report preparation for setting up health insurance in India.

Prince Aly. Khan Hospital, Mumbai.

1] Facility Relocation Planning, Equipment Planning, Architect’s Brief, and Architect Selection.

2] Detailed Market Research, Medico-Technical and Financial Feasibility Reports.

3]Comparative Market Research of competitive hospitals for Pricing & Related Criteria of Services Rendered

Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur (250 beds in all Phase)

Consultancy and Advisory services in areas of Financial Feasibility, Equipment Planning, Manpower Planning, Selection, Management Information System Development for all services and departments, Quality & Systems Development, and management services.

Guwahati Neurology Research Centre Ltd. at Assam Referral Centre for Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Neurology & Neuro Surgery.

1] ISO 9000 accreditation

2] GNRC Heart Centre – Guwahati :

Planning and Commissioning the centre including Facitlity Planning, Equipment Planning, Manpower Planning, and Financial Feasibility.

PRASAD CHIKITSA - (an American NGO) An Ophthalmic cum General Hospital, Maharashtra

A Detailed Market Research of three talukas and medico-technical feasibility.

Cumball Hill Hospital & Heart Institute - Mumbai

Report on subsidised treatment “ in consideration of” FSI & other concessions given by the Government of Maharashtra to Hospitals.

Sri. Manakula Vinayagar Medical College Hospital, Pondicherry

Project planning, feasibility study, rescoping of the project, project appraisal with financial institutions/banks, project management, implementation, commissioning, manpower selection, equipment selection, setting-up systems & procedures, financial & material management, medical & support services management.

Asian Institute of Oncology, Mumbai

Market Survey & Detailed Project Feasibility Report for 200 beds super-speciality – Cancer Hospital.