For New Hospitals

Market Research
We undertake in-depth preliminary & secondary survey of the health market to evaluate competitive facilities by identifying and analysing the target population. We move a step forward to describe current characteristics of medical practices as related to its usage. We carry out result oriented analysis to provide authentic statistical survey of various target groups, taking into account their attitudes and requirements.

Strategic Planning
We form strategies for sound organisational subsistence that will give an impetus to corporate growth and development, keeping pace with rapid evolution of the healthcare industry.

Technical Service Planning
We highlight new areas and services to enrich the product mix, to improve returns and satisfy the demand of the community. Considering various aspects, we recommend Service mix pattern, Bed mix with categories, Bed size, and other inter-linked parameters.

Human Resource Planning
We analyze the proposals and recommend human resource requirements in medical and paramedical areas, keeping in mind the organisational structure. Assistance is provided in the areas of selection, recruitment, compensation, organisation and motivation of specific medical staff consultants and executives.
We develop practical manpower planning considering aspects of shifts, productivity, positioning, multi-task, multi-skill and number of persons etc.

Medical Staff Development Planning
We act as catalyst and analyze the medical staff needs with sound perception and find practical solutions through consensus building to complex medical and administrative issues, and also recommend systems for long term medical staff development.

Master Facility Plan
We document a master facility and space program to achieve integration and synchronization for a multi-phased project plan.

Functional Program and Space Planning
We prepare a brief for the architect, quantifying the space and design requirement based on the projected workload and operational intricacies. Facility assessment of existing structures and development of a plan for correcting functional and spatial deficiencies.

Equipment Planning
We evolve a planning process to decide and recommend medical and allied equipment to avoid delays, cost over-runs and purchase of inappropriate equipment. We offer expert opinion and advice on equipment purchase, price negotiation and maintenance contract, based upon our technical and financial analysis.

Project Advisory Services
We take an integrated approach to advise and provide expertise for project planning, implementation of the various phases of the project and selection of architects, construction managers, and contractors. Expert opinion on rescoping of strategic plans and services to suit the requirements.

Financial Feasibility
We project financial feasibility through key business indicators based on capital requirement, revenue and cost estimates with suggestions for profit centres.

Financial Institutional Loan Assistance
We prepare project reports based on financial institutional requirements and apprise them about the project feasibility. Rescoping projects and providing expert testimony. Project reports prepared by us have gained very high reputation among financial institutions at national and international levels.

Financial Systems
To carry out the analysis of organisational financial systems including areas of financial accounts, salary, costing and internal checks. Suggest changes and control measures in the present systems. Provide a complete financial systems package for a new organisation.