For New Medical College

We have in-depth knowledge for establishment of a new medical college, as well as hospital for medical college, as per latest amendments and requirements of Medical Council of India (MCI). We also guide for getting permissions from various regulatory authorities.

Our Detailed Project Report for Medical College and Hospital [DPR] consists of market feasibility study, admission and educational programme, specialties & facilities planning, space planning, equipment planning, manpower planning, financial projections and scenario etc, all the details are for medical college as well as hospital, separately. We have made Detailed Project Report, for Medical College and Hospital, for 5 projects in various states across India.

The ‘Techno-economic Viability Study & Reports’ prepared by us are acceptable by regulatory authorities. Further financial institutions have funded medical college & hospital projects based upon our medico-technical viability study.

We also apprise about the project viability to financial institutions for securing loan. We have practical experience of assisting four medical college cum hospital projects. All four medical colleges have already started admission of medical students and received the permissions from the regulatory authorities, funding from financial institutions and running successfully & smoothly.