For Existing Hospitals

Restructuring Studies
To assess performance of single or multiple service units in the organisation or the organisation as a whole. It includes study of individual, organisational, and environmental factors that affect performance and efficiency. Recommend steps to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity with long term strategy. On line trouble shooting for boards and top management.

Organisational Restructuring
Assist to redefine organisation on the basis of: roles and responsibilities, span of control, management, and employee ratios. We develop tailor made organizational structure considering specific aspects of an individual organization.

Operations Restructuring, Reengineering with Work redesign & ISO 9000.
Operating Systems is a key element in management efficiency, quality, and control. We establish important indicators and advise on development of systems to simplify quick flow of information, improving efficiency, and control. Further we provide guidance on design of forms and its procedures, departmental manuals, quality manuals, and effect implementation of these for efficient circulation and control. Design new systems and processes to achieve fundamental change for redirecting resources.

Departmental Benchmarking and Operations Improvement Services
To assess operations and systems of departments and interdepartmental relationships. Recommend steps for improvement of existing operations and systems to augment productivity.